Here’s what other moms have to say:

“Christi is just so wonderfully easy to talk to. She has such insight, empathy and compassion for mamas who need support or guidance. She has lived it and has the amazing ability to use those experiences to serve other mamas. What a blessing to have her in my life!”

– S.G.

“Christi is a very kind, bright, humble and generous person.  She is a great listener and she is always ready to provide ideas, options, encouragement and/or advise to help in any way she can.  She is a great personal and professional resource. I’m truly lucky to have Christi in my life.”

– C.T.

“This amazing lady is offering something invaluable… An ear. She’s a life coach who loves to chat and listen and goes one step further. She will help steer you in the direction YOU want to go through enhanced personal questions to help you reach your goals (big or small!). She’s so authentic and kind and non judgy. (if that’s a word) I can’t express how much she’s helped me find my aha! moments on my journey of mommy hood, and beyond. So keep tabs on this lady, you won’t be sad you did.”

– C.M.

“Christi is amazing, i enjoyed every second of it. Of course like i said before i was nervous but it was wonderful to take the time for my. As a mom i remember everything else except for me. I will treasure Christi and will call her again! She is marvelous!”

– L.C.