Frequently Asked Questions

I’ve never tried coaching before, is it for me?

Sure, as long as you are interested in personal development. Anyone could be a great candidate for coaching. Just like anything else, you need to find the coach that best suits your personality.

Are you able to help me if I’m currently pregnant with my first child?

Yes! Hormones, pregnancy, and all those emotional and physical experiences are a part of motherhood!

What about if I have 3,4,5, etc kids can you help me?

Absolutely! All moms, no matter how many kids could use the time to focus on themselves.

How much does coaching with you cost?

Great question! Each pricing option for clients are based on needs. I offer flexible packages that cater to your specific situation.

You say you use scientific tools and techniques, tell me more about that.

Sure! I’m a part of a non-profit organization called the Family Life Coaching Association. It provides wonderful resources and networking specific to coaching and family science.

At work I’ve done professional coaching, is this similar?

Possibly, but they focus more on the company, or your work at their business. When you and I work together we focus to things customized to your personal life, development and goals.