About Christi Howard, the Mom Life Coach

Photo by Love Linds Photography

So, there I was sitting on my therapist’s sofa retelling the story of what had happened that morning. We had a company meeting and normally I sit and pay attention to everything with ease. Not that morning. I looked around at everyone (even some close friends) and thought to myself “What on earth am I doing here?” “How did I get here and stay for so long?” Immediately, I almost stood up and walked out of the meeting… Would I possibly say I just needed to go to the bathroom? But no, I decided to remain in the meeting.

There was no mindfulness, only auto pilot.

During that time, I had somehow lost the joy in everyday life. I couldn’t tell you where my favorite place to shop was, what I liked to do in my free time, why I was doing the things I was (because I was supposed to?), and even while sitting I felt anxious.

After that day I had my ah hah moment. No major catastrophe, no big story, I was just done.   I didn’t want my kids to see me going to work feeling really sick, but doing it anyway. I wanted to be mindful of life’s precious moments, help others in my own unique way and have the ability to see life for the possibilities.

Thus the plan was put into action.

I got mentors, did interviews, joined coaching programs, found my people, and ultimately figured out how I want to serve in this world. I did the work. I saw the value in utilizing the skills that I was once told “but Christi…you aren’t qualified” and used those to create a business to build up mom’s lives. I am the Mom Life Coach!

Are you ready to take a bold leap of faith and see what your journey entails?

The first step is to contact me by email christi@metime4mom.com or send a message!